School of Civil Engineering

The  Teaching and Learning committee's Chair is Dr Vinh Dao.

If you have any items/issues for the T&L committee please send an email to the secretary.

Grade Distributions

Grade Distribution graphs are accumulative. For example, on the Semester 2, 2012 ENGG1400 ​graph, the percentage of students that obtained a grade of 5 is approximately 30 (point on graph) minus the accumulative of grade 7 and 6 (approx 18) equals approximately 12% of the class.

UQ Excellence in Teaching & Learning Awards

Nominations are now closed.

The Civilian Handbook

The Civil T&L Committee has funded the development of cross-course and extra-curricular teaching materials. The Civilian Handbook is distributed to Icarus and 4th year thesis students but is available to download for general use here.

Teaching and Learning at UQ

Teaching and Learning Strategic Grant

Enabling Visible and Effective Learning in Engineering

The University of Queensland’s School of Civil Engineering is currently co-sponsoring a teaching and learning strategic grant with the School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology.  Entitled “Enabling Visible and Effective Learning in Engineering,” this collaborative project has two main focus areas:

  • Metalearning – Making learning behaviours visible for students so they can take ownership of their own learning
  • Threshold concepts – Identifying concepts within courses that students must first understand so they can apply that knowledge to address more advanced, application-based, end-goal concepts of a course and adjusting curricula, pedagogy, and assessments accordingly.

Please direct any queries related to the project to Dr Julie McCredden, Postdoctoral Fellow in Engineering Education, at

For more in-depth information about the project, see the below presentations or papers: