School of Civil Engineering

The University of Queensland offers two programs in Structural Engineering. These are:

  • Bachelor (Honours) and Master of Engineering (BE-ME) in Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Graduate Entry Master of Engineering (GE-ME) in Civil and Structural Engineering

The following courses are offered are part of these programs. Undergraduate-level courses are also offered to students in Bachelor of Engineering programs.

Structural analysis

  • ENGG1400 (Applied Mechanics)
  • CIVL2330 (Structural Mechanics)
  • CIVL3340 (Structural Analysis)
  • CIVL4332 (Advanced Structural Analysis)

Structural design

  • CIVL2340 (Introduction to Structural Design)
  • CIVL2360 (Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures & Concrete Technology)
  • CIVL3350 (Structural Design)
  • CIVL4333 (Advanced Concrete Design)
  • CIVL4514 (Civil Design I)

Specialist topics

Several additional postgraduate-level courses will also be introduced in 2018.