School of Civil Engineering

With ten academics, the UQ Structures research portfolio spans includes nearly all current and emerging structural engineering areas. Our key research areas include:


  • Low-carbon-footprint high-performance concrete
  • Concrete mechanics including earlyage and fire loading behaviours
  • Creep and shrinkage of concrete structures 


  • Advanced structural mechanics and numerical modelling including stability, nonlinear analysis, vibration of plates
  • Specialist structural design problems including subsea pipelines and transmission towers
  • Behaviour of high strength, coldformed, and steel structures

Design and Performance

  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Structural health monitoring and structural rehabilitation
  • Disaster scenario analysis including wind, hail, and flood
  • Lifecycle analysis and integrated design
  • Fire safety design
  • Design of concrete-filled-steel-tubular columns with external confinement and internal expansive agent

Future Structures

  • Timber engineering
  • Emerging structural materials (including fibre-reinforced composites, hybrid composite/concrete and composite/timber structures, smart and nano materials)
  • Emerging structural geometry (including origami-inspired engineering and folded structures, parametric design, and digital fabrication)
  • Behaviour of structures under fire
  • Energy dissipation devices and impact engineering