School of Civil Engineering

Ms Angela Solarte Castaneda

Research Scholar
Phone: +61 7 3346 1352

Angela is a Civil Engineered born in Colombia and raised in Costa Rica. She worked in the Fire Department in Costa Rica and learned about Fire Safety Engineering. She has worked in many consultancies in her country, however, her interest to learn more about Fire Science brought her to UQ to research in the Science of Fire Safety Engineering.

From – San Jose, Costa Rica

Start of Studies – January 2016 (PhD)

Supervisors –  Prof Jose ToreroDr Juan Hidalgo, and Dr Cristian Maluk


  • B.Sc. (6-year degree eqv. to M.Eng.) - Civil Engineering - University of Costa Rica (2006)
  • M.Eng. - Construction Management - University of Costa Rica (2012)

Teaching and Learning


The basis for the design of fire safe bamboo structures

To date, there is limited knowledge on bamboo’s fire performance, thus restraining the possibility to take advantage of the correct use of this material in design and construction. Through the characterization of the fire performance of bamboo, this research will provide the knowledge and understanding to assess the weakness and strengths of this material, and to be able to design properly and safe.

The research will consist of benchmark testing of thermal characterization of parameters such as thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat and absorptivity.  Charring, thermal degradation and pyrolysis of bamboo will also be assessed as well as the flammability properties of bamboo.