School of Civil Engineering

Dr Robin Smit

Honorary Senior Fellow

Robin’s key area of expertise is development and application of vehicle emission software, e.g. VERSIT+ in Europe and COPERT Australia and PΔP in Australia. He is a science leader at DSITIA, chair of the Transport special interest group at the Clean Air Society of Australian and New Zealand (CASANZ) and a member of the ERMES group (European Research Group on Mobile Emission Sources).

Alternate Contact Details:
04 6772 1823


  • M.Sc. degree in Air Quality, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 1994

  • Ph.D. degree, Griffith University, Australia, 2006

Teaching and Learning

  • Co-supervision of MSc and PhD students at UQ

  • Guest lecturer at UQ (vehicle emission modelling)

  • Development and presenting of dedicated training courses:

    •  ‘Vehicle technology and emissions’, Post Academic Education (PAO), Delft, The Netherlands,

    • ‘Climate change, energy and transport emissions: vehicle technology and emissions / modelling of transport emissions’, short QUT Course, 8-9 September 2009, Brisbane, Australia.

    •  ‘Introduction to vehicle emissions modelling’, CASANZ Course , 25 February 2011, Sydney, Australia.

    •  ‘Introduction to vehicle emissions modelling’, CASANZ Course, 8 December 2011, Auckland, New Zealand.

    •  ‘COPERT Australia’ , CASANZ Course , 21-22 February 2013, Brisbane, Australia.

    •  ‘Transport emissions modelling – COPERT Australia + PΔP’, CASANZ Course , 10-11 September 2014, Melbourne, Australia.


  • National ICT Australia (NICTA), Sydney, Australia, development of vehicle emission models for a green logistics optimization project.

  • Akcelik and Associates, Melbourne, Australia, calibration of emission algorithms for SIDRA SOLUTIONS software.

  • National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Auckland, New Zealand, validation of NZ vehicle emission model with remote sensing data.

  • Australian Government, Department of Environment, Canberra, Australia, Australian motor vehicle emission inventory for the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI).

  • Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong, review of international vehicle emission models for the development of a new generation Hong Kong model

  • The power-delta-power Software

Key Publications

  1. Smit, R., Greaves, S., Allison, A. 2014. Assessing emission benefits of driver behaviour change programs using GPS and high resolution vehicle emission modelling, Transport and Air Pollution Conference, Graz, Austria, 18-19 September 2014.

  2. Smit, R., 2013. Development and performance of a new vehicle emissions and fuel consumption software (PΔP) with a high resolution in time and space, Atmospheric Pollution Research, 4, 336-345.

  3. Smit, R., Bluett, J., 2011. A new method to compare vehicle emissions measured by remote sensing and laboratory testing: High-emitters and potential implications for emission inventories, Science of the Total Environment, 409, 2626–2634.

  4. Smit, R., Ntziachristos, L, Boulter, P., 2010. Validation of road vehicle and traffic emission models — a review and meta-analysis, Atmospheric Environment, 44 (25), 2943-2953.

  5. Smit, R., Poelman, M. & Schrijver, J., 2008. Improved road traffic emission inventories by adding mean speed distributions, Atmospheric Environment, 42 (5), 916-926.