School of Civil Engineering

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

 Pushing the boundaries of computational modelling

Dr Sergio Galindo-Torres

 Pushing the boundaries of computational modelling

Dr Sergio Galindo-Torres

Extraction industries have played a significant role in the Queensland economy over the past three decades — particularly the production of coal seam gas — and using computational modelling to minimise hazard and maximise resource output is critical.

Research fellow at UQ’s School of Civil Engineering Dr Sergio Galindo-Torres is expanding current capabilities of computer simulations to better predict flow rates from gas being extracted within a porous media, like bedrock.

Dr Galindo-Torres said simulations were critical to project design and outcome.

“There are a vast amount of variables and parameters to consider when preparing a CSG site for gas extraction,” he said.

“My project will utilise years’ of research in numerical methods at UQ’s Geotechnical Engineering Centre to better inform the input data in simulations like gas flow.”

Partnering with Golder Associates Brisbane, Dr Galindo-Torres will build on simulation platforms used by the global extraction consultancy firm.

“Really this project is about translating the research from UQ into innovative applications at CSG sites, which will greatly improve outcomes” Dr Galindo-Torres said.

“Golder Associates have decades of experience in CSG extraction, and I’ll be working with their simulations platforms to help increase technical expertise, as well as provide tools to visualise and communicate results.”

Left image: An example of advanced simulation visualisation techniques showing simulated flow (blue lines) within prous media (red solids). 

Right image: Multiphase flow within prous media, the dynamics of both gas and water can be studied in detail.

Dr Galindo-Torres will use UQ’s world class computational infrastructure, the High Performance Computing clusters Flashlite and Tinaroo at UQ’s Research Computing Centre.

Dr Galindo-Torres was awarded an early-career Advance Queensland Grant for his project ‘Pushing the boundaries of current numerical geotechnical modelling capabilities’.

Media: Dr Galindo-Torres,, +61 7 3346 9820; Casey Fung,, +61 7 3365 8525.