School of Civil Engineering

Transport Engineering and Planning is a key education and research area in the School of Civil Engineering with a number of established collaborative links with industry and other universities. The aims are to:

  • Undertake research to identify innovations solutions in public transport for industry
  • Undertake collaborative research and development with industry and other researchers
  • Develop skilled professionals in public transport through continuing professional development programs
  • Facilitate a critical mass of public transport expertise in research and development
  • Promote evidence-based policy development and facilitate informed discussion on public transport.

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Recent and current research in Transport Engineering and Planning:

  • Optimisation of transit priority in a transportation network [ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher]
  • Urban Rail Demand Management Strategies [Rail CRC]
  • Strategic Urban Transport Assessment (scoping study) [Rail CRC]
  • Urban Rail Performance (scoping study) [Rail CRC]
  • Urban Passenger Rail Business Models (scoping study) [Rail CRC]
  • Rail Station Design (scoping study) [Rail CRC]
  • Rail Station Access (scoping study) [Rail CRC]
  • Future Growth Strategies [Rail CRC]
  • Station Access [Rail CRC]
  • Station Design [Rail CRC]
  • Transit Oriented Development [ARC Linkage]
  • Atlass II - Advanced travel logging applications for smartphones

Academic staff having considerable education and research experience in urban passenger transport and transit oriented development:

  • Professor Simon Washington, transport planning, behavioural econometrics applied to transport, transport safety, travel behaviour, transport sustainability
  • Dr Jiwon Kim, Big Data and real-time analytics for traffic management, machine learning and AI applications in Intelligent Transport Systems, urban mobility insights and travel behaviour
  • Dr Mehmet Yildirimoglu, traffic flow theory, dynamic traffic assignment, travel time estimation, urban transportation systems, data mining, real-time traffic management
  • Professor Carlo Prato, travel behaviour, traffic psychology, road safety analysis, traffic assignment models, behavioural econometrics, fFreight modelling
  • Professor Phil Charles, transport strategy, urban passenger transport, transit oriented development, regional transport planning, traffic and incident management, continuing professional development, institutional strengthening
  • Professor Luis Ferreira, urban passenger transport, regional transport modelling and planning, traffic management, real-time passenger information, continuing professional development
  • Professor Mark Hickman, public transit planning and operations, urban transport planning, regional transport modelling and planning, optimisation of transport systems
  • A/Prof Zuduo Zheng, traffic flow modelling, travel behaviour and decision making, advanced data analysis techniques (e.g., mathematical modelling, econometrics, numerical optimisation) in transport engineering, and meta-research
  • A/Prof Adam Pekol, travel demand forecasting, vehicle emissions modelling, frieght transport
  • Dr David Bray (Adjunct Associate Professor) – transport strategy, planning and evaluation, transport economics.