School of Civil Engineering

Transport Engineering and Planning is a key education and research area in the School of Civil Engineering with a number of established collaborative links with industry and other universities. The aims are to:

  • Undertake research to identify innovations solutions in public transport for industry
  • Undertake collaborative research and development with industry and other researchers
  • Develop skilled professionals in public transport through continuing professional development programs
  • Facilitate a critical mass of public transport expertise in research and development
  • Promote evidence-based policy development and facilitate informed discussion on public transport.

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Professor Mark Hickman

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Major Areas of Transport Expertise

  • Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Use of Traffic and Transport Data
  • Freight Transport Modelling
  • Public Transport Planning and Operations
  • Traffic Operations and Real-time Modelling
  • Traveller Behaviour and Strategic Transport Models
  • Transport Safety Analysis

Staff and Expertise

Prof Simon Washington, Head of the School of Civil Engineering
Behavioural econometrics applied in the areas of transport & urban planning, transport safety & risk across all travel modes, travel behaviour

Prof Mark Hickman, TAP Chair
Public transit planning & operations, public transport demand modelling, strategic transport planning models, applications of remote sensing technology for transport system management

Prof Carlo Prato
Road user behavioural modelling, traffic assignment, large-scale transport models, transport planning, transport policy, traffic safety, vulnerable road users, and freight transport

Dr Mahmoud Mesbah, Sr Lecturer
Transport network analysis, optimization of transport systems, public transport, high performance computing, application of advanced technology in transport, planning for cycling facilities

Dr Jiwon Kim, Lecturer
Urban trajectory data mining and visualisation, big data analytics and machine learning for smart mobility, automation in traffic management and operations, network anomaly detection and incident prediction

Dr Mehmet Yildirimoglu, Lecturer
Large-scale traffic modelling, dynamic traffic assignment, data mining techniques, real-time traffic management

Prof Phil Charles (part-time)
Transport strategy development, public transport operations, traffic operations & incident management, transport system performance, institutional arrangements, continuing professional development

Prof Luis Ferreira (part-time)
Traffic operations, intelligent transport systems, transport safety, transport planning methods

Major Research Support

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, TAP Chair
$2M, 5-yr research and development activities to support the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and to grow transport capability at UQ and in Queensland

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd
$2M, 3-yr research and development activities to help grow the port and inform various activities, including transport economics and modelling of freight movements and infrastructure

iMOVE CRC (Cooperative Research Centre)
$233M, 10-yr program of research, development, implementation, education & training to advance intelligent transport systems (ITS) in Australia, focussing on ITS infrastructure, freight & logistics, and personal mobility

Transport and Population Research Network
$1.75M, 5-yr strategic, internal funding from UQ to support inter-disciplinary activities in transport & population research, including civil engineering, IT & electrical engineering, planning & geography, economics

Recent Collaborative Projects

Big Data Analytics for Urban Mobility

  • Deep learning technologies for human mobility and traffic flow prediction
  • Computer vision technologies for passenger movement analysis at Brisbane Airport
  • Multi-modal trajectory data analytics for shared mobility services
  • Data fusion algorithms for leveraging data from diverse sources in urban spaces


  • Methods to model urban freight and container movements related to the Port of Brisbane
  • Design of a Port Community System to manage logistics related  to the Port of Brisbane
  • Policies and outcomes of heavy vehicle and bus periodic inspection policies

Public Transport

  • Passenger trajectory analysis tool using Go Card data
  • Measures of travel time reliability and on-time performance with GPS data
  • Public transport O-D estimation using Go Card data
  • Passenger route choice modelling using Go Card data
  • LUPTAI (Land Use and Public Transport Accessibility Index) model and software development
  • “Lead Stop” arrangements for visually impaired, disabled, and elderly passengers at busway stations
  • Development of demand models for park-and-ride in South East Queensland
  • Network-wide analysis and design of transit priority treatments
  • Changes in land use and accessibility over time for neighbourhoods near the Southeast Busway
  • Review of public transport service reliability metrics

Strategic Transport Models

  • Analysis of Go Card data to better support transit assignment
  • Framework for using GPS-equipped smartphones in household travel surveys
  • Review of household travel survey requirements and technologies
  • Mode choice models for airport employees and air passengers
  • Route choice models for private vehicles and bicyclists
  • Visualisation of strategic transport model outputs in Google Earth

Traffic Operations

  • Models for determining increasing risk of incidents in real-time traffic operations
  • Incident detection and duration modelling
  • Driver information systems for highway-rail grade crossings
  • Disaggregate vehicle emissions modelling
  • Predictive traffic signal control and green-light optimal speed advisory

Technology Transfer Activities

  • Graduate Certificate program in Public Transport
  • TAP Chair support for visiting scholars, seminars, workshops, and short courses