School of Civil Engineering

Projects in travel behaviour modelling

Supervisor: Prof Carlo Prato

Research projects for undergraduate and graduate students are available in the area of travel behaviour modelling.

The projects could be self-standing or part of current projects on active travel, health and transport, crashes and transport, freight movements, car ownership and future mobility. Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Modelling travel behaviour as a lifestyle choice that relates also to other aspects of the individual’s choices (e.g., nutrition, time use).
  • Modelling travel behaviour of the future where car sharing, alternative fuels and self-driving functionalities will change the mobility patterns.
  • Modelling car ownership, including the meaning of owning a car from a psychological perspective.
  • Modelling freight movements within an agent-based model.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of discrete choice models (as in CIVL4412).

Students are encouraged to contact Prof Carlo Prato ( for discussing any of these topics or other topics of their interest.