School of Civil Engineering

Mr Andrea Lucherini

Research Scholar
Office: 49-447:14
Phone: +61 7 3365 8391

Andrea is a PhD candidate and active researcher with UQ Fire. He has a background Civil and Structural Engineering, with a specialization in Fire Safety Science. Andrea's research interests lay in understanding the performance of building construction materials and structural systems during and after a fire, with special focus in studies related to the use thin intumescent coatings and passive fire protection in steel structures.

From – Arezzo, Italy

Start of Studies – July 2016 (PhD)

Supervisors –  Dr Cristian MalukProf Jose Torero, and Dr Juan Hidalgo


  • B.Sc. - Civil Engineering - University of Bolgna, Italy (2013)

  • M.Sc. - Structural Engineering (dual degree) - University of Bologna, Italy and Technical University of Denmark (2016)

Teaching and Learning


Reliability of Intumescent Coatings used in Load-bearing Steel Structures

This research project focuses on thin intumescent coatings (or reactive coatings), nowadays a dominant passive fire protection system used for insulating load-bearing steel structures during fire. These coatings swell on heating to form a highly insulating char, hence preventing steel from reaching high temperatures that could cause structural innestability. Within the scope of this work, a large number of test samples will be tested using a custom-built, high precision fire testing apparatus, enabling an analysis with high statistical confidence; the test setup precisly controls incident radiant heat flux using at the exposed surface of test samples. This method allows for the accurate gauging of the thermal and physical responses of steel samples coated thin intumescents. Outcomes of this work aim at shedding light in the real reliability and effectiveness in the use of thin intumescent coatings used in load-bearing steel structures.



  • Candidate Development Award (CDA) by the Graduate School of The University of Queensland – Travel grant to attend the 15th international conference Interflam held in Nr Windsor, UK (2019).

  • UQ Civil RHD Travel Assistant Grant by the School of Civil Engineering of The University of Queensland – Conference travel grant to attend the 10th International Conference on Structures in Fire (SiF) held in Belfast, UK (2018).
  • Nordic Fire & Safety Days (NFSD) - Best M.Sc. Thesis Award (2016).

  • Otto Mønsteds Fonden Scholarship - Conference Travel Grant to attend the International Conference on Structures in Fire (SiF) held in Princeton, US (2016).

  • University of Bologna Scholarship - Exchange Travel Grant for completing the M.Sc. thesis at DTU, Denmark (2015).

  • University of Bologna Erasmus+ Scholarship - Exchange Travel Grant for M.Sc. exchange (2014).

Key Publications

A. Lucherini, N Abusamha, J. Segall-Brown, and C. Maluk (2018). Experimental study on the onset of swelling for thin intumescent coatings. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1107, 3rd European Symposium on Fire Safety Science (ESFSS), n. 032017.

A. Lucherini, J.P. Hidalgo, and C. Maluk (2018). Experimental study on the heat transfer within the swelling phase of thin intumescent coatings. Poster presentation at the 11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (AOSFST), Taipei, Taiwan.

A. Lucherini, L. Giuliani, and G. Jomaas (2018). Experimental study of the performance of intumescent coatings exposed to standard and non-standard fire conditions. Fire Safety Journal, vol. 95, pp. 42-50.

A. Lucherini and C. Maluk (2017). Novel test methods for studying the fire performance of thin intumescent coatings, 2nd International Fire Safety Symposium (iFireSS), Naples, Italy, pp. 565-572.

A. Lucherini, N. Abosamha, and C. Maluk (2017). Investigating the activation of thin intumescent coatings, Poster presentation in 12th International Association for Fire Safety Science Symposium, Lund, Sweden.

R. Emberley, C. Gorska Putynska, A. Bolanos, A. Lucherini, A. Solarte, D. Soriguer, M. Gutierrez Gonzalez, K. Humphreys, J.P. Hidalgo, C. Maluk, A. Law, and J.L. Torero (2017). Description of Small and Large-Scale CLT Fire Tests, 12th International Association for Fire Safety Science Symposium, Lund, Sweden. (Accepted for oral presentation)

A. Lucherini, R-I. Costa, L. Giuliani, and G. Jomaas. (2016). Experimental study of the behaviour of steel structures protected by different intumescent coatings and exposed to several fire scenarios, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Structures in Fire (SiF), pp. 1065-1072.