School of Civil Engineering

Imagine how transportation and infrastructure in our local community will look in 2030?

Would you like to be a part of this exciting future?

Did you know that 1.5 million commuters access our bridges, roads and tollways on a daily basis?

Did you know that automated vehicles are reality?   

Did you know that drones and other amazing technology are being explored?

Bring your ideas and innovation to an organisation that will support you in reaching for the stars.

Thinking big picture but actions locally  - you can make a difference!

Become an active participant in the ICARUS PROGRAM where an opportunity will be provided to four second year Engineering students to be a part of an exciting Future Smarts # for use now “Automation in field operations and maintenance” project for Transurban Queensland. 

This will be for one day per week for a six week period.  It will commence the week of the 11th of March and conclude the week ending on the 19th April.
What this will involve: 

Technological development has recently seen the miniaturisation of sensors and the widespread uptake of low powered networking devices. There now exists a potential opportunity to explore how these might be used in the operation and maintenance of our road and tunnel assets. Perhaps sensors fitted to roadside furniture and signs or within culverts and drains could report in to maintenance vehicles driving the network on whether they have been hit by vehicles or fallen over or be full of water etc. 

This project should undertake a review of the associated technology and propose opportunities for use in our area.

Contact for more information or to express your interest in joining.