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Imagining the future of transport and infrastructure in your community

Autonomous vehicles, drone delivery technology and streamlined commuter transport projects. These are things that could help Brisbane’s 1.5 million commuters every day.

Would you like to be a part of this designing this exciting future? Get involved in the Icarus Program at the UQ School of Civil Engineering for the opportunity to think big so you can help make a difference to your community.

UQ industry partner Transurban Queensland worked with four excellent second-year Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) students majoring in Civil Engineering to work on an exciting project ‘Automation in field operations and maintenance’, as part of their Future Smarts series.

Students were involved in a six-week program, beginning 11 March 2019 until 19 April 2019, one day per week, throughout this time. 

Watch the video below to find out how students were benefited from the project.

More information about this project

Technological development has recently seen the miniaturisation of sensors and the widespread uptake of low-powered networking devices. There is potential for us to explore how these might be used in the operation and maintenance of Transurban Queensland’s road and tunnel assets.

For example, perhaps sensors fitted to roadside furniture and signs or within culverts and drains could report into maintenance vehicles about whether they have been hit by vehicles, have fallen over or are full of water.

Students will work on a review of the associated technology and will propose opportunities for use in Transurban Queensland’s network of transport and infrastructure assets.

If you are interested in participating in this practical project and benefiting from close contact with industry and some of UQ’s best academic staff, please email