School of Civil Engineering

Mr Vinny Gupta

Research Scholar
Office: 49-421:26
Phone: +61 7 3346 7418

Vinny is a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the University of Queensland, where is currently undertaking a Master of Philosophy in Fire Safety Engineering. He developed a keen interest in fire safety engineering during his final undergraduate year, where he undertook his year-long thesis with UQ Fire investigating the flammability of materials in micro-gravity for NASA’s SAFFIRE project. Upon graduating, Vinny was working on construction and maintenance projects of various large industrial plants for the gas, mining and waste-water industries. Vinny’s research interests are in investigating large open plan compartment fires.

From – Melbourne, Australia

Start of Studies – April 2017 (MPhil)

SupervisorsDr Juan Hidalgo and Dr Cristian Maluk


  • B.Eng. – Mechanical Engineering – The University of Queensland, Australia (2015)


Analysis of Energy Distribution in Large Open Plan Compartment Fires

In 2013, a series of large-scale fire experiments was performed for the ‘Real Fires for the Safe Design of Tall Buildings’ to investigate a series of large-scale compartment fires to provide sufficient data that would further improve our understanding of a Regime II. These experiments explored various fire modes (fully developed, spreading and travelling fires) and various ventilation conditions (fully-open, partially open, and time-varying ventilation).

Previous work has focused on processing the data from all the instrumentation to provide an assessment of the energy distributions achieved for the different combinations of fire modes and ventilation conditions. This research project will continue this work and assess the uncertainties and assumptions in the energy distribution analysis and then analysis will be conducted into the temporal and spatial energy distribution ratios for each scenario. The goal of this project will be to establish some guidelines and/or correlations which characterize the spatial and temporal energy distribution in large compartment fires.