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The University of Queensland (UQ) Student Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) was founded in August 2014. Since then, it has been actively organizing educational events such as conferences and site visits, to promote and develop knowledge within the discipline of fire safety engineering.



The main initiative of the UQ-SFPE Student Chapter is to organize seminars to promote continued learning outside the classroom and as a mean for fire safety industry professionals to interact with the SFPE students researching and studying fire safety. Seminars have been a major success with attendance of both students and industry professionals. The UQ-SFPE Student Chapter also seeks to establish direct links with engineering and architectural firms in order to build and in order to build and enhance research cooperation. The UQ-SFPE student chapter was awarded the Bronze Award for Chapter Excellence from the Society of Fire Protection Engineers for 2016.

For news and updates from the UQ-SFPE Student Chapter, visit UQ Fire.



The Chapter is open to any student interested in learning more about fire engineering. Membership includes enrolled Engineering, Architecture undergraduate or RHD students at the University of Queensland. If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, we will be more than happy to hear from you! Contact Jaime Cadena or Vinny Gupta.


Past seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title  
December 2019 Jose Luis Torero University College London (UK)

Guided by the light of knowledge continuity

November 2019 Martyn McLaggan

The University of Queensland

Exploring the Cladding Materials Library

September 2019 David Lange The University of Queensland

Fire Safety Engineering Competences

May 2019 Michael Conway Queensland Fire & Emergency Services The technical errors of visibility assessments
May 2019 Craig Hiscock WSP Tunnel fire safety and design
April 2019 Carl Pettersson RED Fire Engineers Performance-based fire safety engineering design of timber buildings
5 March 2019 Peter Blain Plus Passive Fire Onsite construction impacts of Fire Engineering on Passive Fire Compliance

8 February 2019 Justin Francis - Improving Fire and Life Safety in a Vertical World
24 October 2018 Mahmut Horasan Scientific Fire Services Fire Engineering and Timber Design Buildings
3 May 2018 Kathleen Almand NFPA Fire Safety's contribution to a sustainable world
8 March 2018 James O'Neill Holmes Fire Fire Engineering Practice
13 February 2018 Per Olsson Olsson Fire & Risk Passive Fire: Design and Compliance
22 August 2017 Peter Johnson ARUP The Grenfell and Lacrosse Fires
3 August 2017 Michael Logan Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Fire spread and fire behaviour in large scale fire incidents
25 May 2017 Blair Stratton and Chris Lee RED Fire Engineers Site visit of the Brisbane City Hall   
11 March 2017 Dwayne Smith AECOM Transitioning from studies to industry
13 November 2015 Sarah Higginson ARUP When preparation meet opportunity - Luck, planning and your career
11 September 2015 Arne Inghelbrecht New Zealand Fire Service Fire Safety Engineering: The New Zealand Fire Service Perspective
28 May 2015 Ted Simmonds Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Facilitating Fire Brigade Intervention - What does it meant for building design?
16 April 2015 Michael Woodrow Fosters + Partners Being a Fire Safety Designer in an Architecture Practice
27 March 2015 Peter Johnson ARUP The Professional Life of a Fire Safety Engineer - The Projects and the Passion
16 December 2014 Rory Hadden The University of Edinburgh Real Charring Rates for the Resiliant Design of Engineered Timber Infrastructure
18 November 2014 Jonathan Barnett RED Fire Engineers Use of Lifts for Emergency Evacuation - Why?
20 August 2014 José Luis Torero The University of Queensland Fire Safety Engineering: Profession, Occupation, or Trade?


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