School of Civil Engineering

We offer a range of research projects for:

  • Undergraduate students (CIVL4560, CIVL4580, CIVL4582, ENGG4801, ENGG4802, MECH4500)
  • Coursework postgraduate students (FIRE7500, FIRE7501, FIRE7511, FIRE7512, CIVL7500, CIVL7501, CIVL7511, CIVL7512, ENGG7820)
  • Research postgraduate students (PhD or MPhil)
  • Icarus students
  • Summer/winter interns

Projects cover a wide range of research areas in Fire Safety Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Material Science. Don't hesitate to contact Dr Cristian MalukDr Juan P. Hidalgo, Dr David Lange, Dr Felix WiesnerDr Luis Yerman, or Dr Martyn McLaggan for further details on the projects listed below.


Postgraduate Research Projects (PhD or MPhil)


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Projects (2 or 4 or 8 credit thesis)
(CIVL4560, CIVL4580, CIVL4582, ENGG4801, MECH4500, FIRE7500, FIRE7501, FIRE7511, FIRE7512, CIVL7500, CIVL7501, CIVL7511, CIVL7512,  ENGG7802, Icarus students, summer/winter interns)


Past projects (NOT AVAILABLE)