School of Civil Engineering

Characterisation of Novel Deconstructable Connections for Lightweight Timber Structures

Aiming to tackle a worldwide shortage of transitable shelter around the world, the fast assembly and deconstructable light-weight timber structure has attracted great attentions in the prefabrication industry. Based on the premise, one innovative plate house was built up by UQ FSL group composed with sandwich panels integrated by straps. The connection within the sandwich panels is all achieved by press-fit joint, some sort of integral mechanical attachment (IMA). The previous study showed a strong loading capacity of the house, but left with some confusion about the failure mechanism inside the panels with press-fit joint and the integral strap joinery performance. This research extracts one particular form from the plate house as one full-scale box column formed with four side plates with press-fit connection termed as box joint, and investigate the compressive performance and failure mechanism by the experimental and numerical study.

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Wednesday, 8 January 2020


AEB Board Room 601
Advanced Engineering Building (49)