School of Civil Engineering

Soft soil evaporation and its application in the field

Soil evaporation is a complex hydro-mechanical process and affected by not only atmospheric demand but also soil intrinsic properties, which play an important role in water cycle and human activity. This study firstly investigates mechanical and hydraulic reasons for soil deformation during shrinkage and employs Terzaghi’s consolidation theory to model the process. In order to understand the porosity effects on soil evaporation, experiments need to be carried out in laboratory to be able to modify an existing evaporation model. After gaining a better understanding of soft soil evaporation and deformation, the application in field needs these two processes coupled together and worked with vertical well to improve soft soil properties. The optimized evaporation rate in this application will be obtained from simulation to increase the efficiency and feasibility of this soil improvement method. This study focuses on soft soil evaporation and its deformation during evaporation which was neglected before and the application in the field poses a good chance to soft soil improvement compared with the existing improvement methods.


Friday, 15 February 2019


Room 502
Advanced Engineering Building (49)