School of Civil Engineering

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Salt Migration from Compacted Bauxite Residue into Overlying Soil Cover

Establishment of vegetation covers is a promising way forward for the management of bauxite residue and plays a vital role in the process of rehabilitating closed tailings storage facilities (TSFs). The cover is to be revegetated, and it is necessary to demonstrate that the potential evaporation-driven uptake of salts from the seawater-neutralised residue will not impact the revegetation. Based on the previous outcomes of experimental studies, the existing theories and computing models of evaporation from saline soil, this research aims at studying salt migration from compacted bauxite residue into overlying soil cover under ambient weather conditions and exploring the idealised soil cover design for revegetation of tailings by means of conducting the instrumented column test, numerical simulation and field trail with monitoring system.

10.00am - 11.00am

Friday, 20 December 2019


Room 228
Molecular Biosciences Building (76)