School of Civil Engineering

A Methodology to Determine the Optimal Design of Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are commonly used in many structural applications due to their light weight and high performance. Sandwich panels typically consist of two face sheets and a core. Many different material and geometry options are available for face sheets and the core. Typically, selection of materials and geometry for face sheets and the core are done based on engineering intuition, and once the decision is made on face sheets and core geometry and materials, experimental and theoretical investigations are carried out to investigate the behaviour of the panel. To date, there is no clear understanding of how to select an optimal combination of materials and geometry for face sheets and core of a sandwich panel. Therefore, the proposed PhD study is aimed at developing a methodology to facilitate the designers in deciding on the optimal material and core geometries for sandwich panels subjected to different loading and support conditions. The work carried out so far, and the plan for completing the future work will be presented.

10:00am – 11:00am

Wednesday, 18 November 2020