School of Civil Engineering

The potential for underutilised timber for the built environment

Timber milling generates a substantial amount of offset, waste and by-product which are under-valued and unsuitable for market. This unsuitability needs to be challenged, and opportunities examined to absorbing higher quantities of underutilised timber.

Indeed, the terms ‘waste’ and ‘by-product’ are misnomers. They come from a market currently hungry for high-grade timber, yet unable to absorb an equal quantity of lower-grade timber and by-products.

Design can suggest alternative absorption methods for an underutilised product that can potentially benefit the industry by influencing the subjective way people understand quality and uses of by-product.

This research aims to develop an understanding of the dilemma that is underutilised timber, and in doing so, contribute to absorbing higher quantities, and ultimately assist in reducing carbon emissions within the built environment.

3.00pm - 4.00pm

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Room 502
Advanced Engineering Building (49)