School of Civil Engineering

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study of Tsunami Run-up, Inundation and overtopping behaviour on coastal sand dunes

Tsunami is the most disastrous natural hazard that has high potential to devastate the coastal infrastructure in its path, which can create countless obliteration along coastlines with notable loss of life as well as belongings. The tsunami waves overtopping and run-up predictions are also essential to evaluate the safety of human life. From the tsunami field observations in 2004 Indian ocean and 2011 Japan tsunami it was identified that the coastal sand dunes may act as a natural buffer and provides protection to the regions existed behind the sand dunes. In order to understand the protective behaviour of the coastal sand dunes against tsunamis, in the current research, Tsunami wave overtopping and Run up laboratory experiments have been conducted with model sand dunes with precise dimensions of beach slopes. Laboratory experiments will be compared with a numerical simulation, which utterly focuses on the run-up and overtopping mechanism of the tsunami.

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Monday, 11 November 2019


AEB Seminar Room 502
Advanced Engineering Building (49)