School of Civil Engineering

Enhancing Survivability of Offshore Aquaculture Farms

Wild capture fisheries are becoming increasingly unmaintainable due to the depletion of the stock of fishes in the oceans by excessive fishing. Aquaculture today provides around half the fish for direct human consumption and is set to grow further. The realistic solution to present and future challenges is to go further offshore for marine aquaculture. Australia's largest producers of Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon have developed fish pen systems in response to a frequent need to keep predators out, provide a safe platform for workers and allow farming further offshore. As a first approach, a study was developed, and experiments conducted to present a solution to breakwater size and construction cost obstacles by introducing to the known-to-date breakwater systems the most effective mean to dissipate energy which is a beach. Secondly, a Submerged Fish Pens investigation is proposed to justify the lowering of fish pens practice and answer the Cost/Benefit Ratio interrogation of such a practice. Finally, the approach of using a Pressured Fish Farming Bag is proposed.

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


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