School of Civil Engineering

Swash processes and their role on sediment transport on reef fronted shores

Hydrodynamics, wave runup and overtopping were studied on reef fronted beaches, based on physical modelling over an ideal fringing reef profile (scaled 1:64) with different wave climates and reef flat dimensions. Results were compared with formulations developed on open coasts for overtopping and runup, by using the data obtained in the beach toe. The results showed that previous formulations are useful to characterize both parameters on reef fronted shores using the appropriate coordinates and water level. Future work will be focusing on upscaling the physical model using the wave flume as the reef flat with a sandy beach. Wave climates will include the low frequency oscillations that dominates the reef flat. The sediment transport data will be analysed on this scale and then it will be compared with existing parametric models on open sandy coasts.

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Friday, 19 February 2021


General Purpose South 78-421