School of Civil Engineering

Research Committee

Chair - A/Prof. Alexander Scheuermann

Membership of this committee is:

  • Dr David Callaghan (deputy Chair & Coastal)
  • Prof. Simon Washington (HoS)
  • Prof Carlo Prato (PGC)
  • Prof Mark Hickman (deputy PGC)
  • Prof Ling Li (Distinguished Lecturer Series & Environmental)
  • Dr Cristian Maluk (Fire)
  • Dr Matthew Mason (Structures)
  • Prof Carlo Prato (Transport)
  • Dr Chenming Zhang (Postdoc Representative)
  • Ms Carmen Gorska (Student Representative)

The Secretary for correspondence is Mr Cameron Bell

Teaching and Learning Committee

Chair - Dr Badin Gibbes

Membership of this committee is:

  • Tom Baldock (Coastal)
  • Robert Day (Geotech)
  • Robert Foster (Structures)
  • Jiwon Kim (Transport)
  • Andres Osorio (Fire)
  • Ilje Pikaar (Water)
  • Lydia Kavanagh (Director of 1st year learning)
  • Liza O'Moore (Deputy AD(A))
  • Miranda Mariette (Library services)
  • Tierney George (Student representative)
  • Mark Reedman (School Manager)

The Secretary for correspondence is Mrs Jeannette Watson

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Industry Advisory Board

Chair – Peter Burnton, Arup

Membership of this board is: 

  • Matt Eastman, Lendlease
  • Marco Ficca, ADG Consulting Engineers
  • David Finch, UQ Civil Engineering
  • Badin Gibbes, UQ Civil Engineering
  • Mandy Haldane, TMR
  • Monica Hyland, President of the Civil Engineering Student Association (CESA)
  • Ken Jacobs, TMR
  • Trevor Johnson, KTLAR
  • Mike Marley, Golder
  • Faisal Mir, TMR
  • Julie Mitchell, TMR
  • Liza O'Moore, UQ Civil Engineering
  • Mark Reedman, UQ Civil Engineering
  • Russell Smith, Global Infrastructure Partners
  • Henry Unwin, Laing O'Rourke
  • CM Wang, UQ Civil Engineering
  • Simon Washington, UQ Civil Engineering

The Secretary for correspondence is currently Mr Mark Reedman

Promotions and Review Committee

Chair - Prof Bill Clarke

Engagement Committee

Chair - Dr Joe Gattas

Membership of this committee:

  • Denys Villa Gomez (Environmental)
  • Jake Whitehead (Transport)
  • Juan Cuevas Rodriguez (Fire Safety)
  • Jurij Karlovsek (Geotechnical)
  • Remo Cossu (Water)
  • Ruth Donohoe (Technical Staff Representative)
  • Tillie Walsh (EAIT Faculty Representative)
  • Weiqi Cui (Structural)

The Secretary for correspondence is currently Ms Selina Weller

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

  • Simon Washington (Head of School)
  • Fraser Reid (Laboratory Manager)
  • Alistair Grinham (Enviro)
  • Lucija Hanzic (Research officer)
  • Sebastian Quintero (Research officer)
  • Kris Murphy (P&F)
  • Jeronimo Carrascal (Research officer)
  • Jennifer Speer (Research assistant)
  • Thomas Ridgway (Student Representative)
  • Janelle Scown (EAIT OHS Manager)
  • Jason Van Der Gevel (Senior Technical Officer)
  • Mark Reedman (School Manager)

The secretary for correspondence is Mr Shane Walker

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