School of Civil Engineering

Mrs Diana Casimiro-Soriguer

Research Scholar
Phone: +61 7 3346 7418

Diana obtained her M.Eng. in Forestry Engineering at the University of Lleida in Spain, undertaking an 8-month placement at the University of Nicaragua to carry out her final Master thesis. She also studied a Master in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing at the University of Extremadura in Spain.

Prior to joining UQ Fire in April 2016, based in Spain, Diana was working for the regional government managing 30.000 ha of public forestland, including several timber plantations of Pinus pinaster and Eucaliptus globulus. Diana was in charge of formulating the plantation’s forest fire prevention plans and implementing the proposed measures according to the Forest fire Law.

From – Cordoba, Spain

Start of Studies – April 2016 (MPhil)

Supervisors – Prof Jose ToreroDr Juan Hidalgo, Dr Cristian Maluk and Dr Robert McGavin


  • M.Eng. - Forestry Engineering - University of Lleida, Spain (2007)

  • Master in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing – University of Extremadura, Spain (2010)

Teaching and Learning


Establishing the Pathway of Timber from Plantation to Construction – Incentives and Limitations

The aim of her current research is to blend forestry and fire engineering to establishing a comprehensive pathway of timber from plantation to construction – Incentives and Limitations.

This research project is focused on asses the fire performance of an Engineered Wood Product, EWP (an ultimate product from the timber industry to solve one of the ancient problem of timber, the anisotropy). Setting a methodology to study the flammability of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) from a different approach, using the cone calorimeter and the LIFT to characterize flammability parameters (Ignition temperature, thermal inertia, flame spread and θ) allows to compare different LVL products with the ultimate goal of obtaining the key information to tailor a LVL product with an improved fire performance.


Diana was awarded with the FWPA/WoodSolutions travel bursary to participate in the World Conference on Timber Engineering WCTE in Vienna in August 2016 where she had the opportunity to network with colleagues from other centres that are investigating the same topic and to share their experiences.

Key Publications

R. Emberley, C. Gorska Putynska, A. Bolanos, A. Lucherini, A. Solarte, D. Soriguer, M. Gutierrez Gonzalez, K. Humphreys, J.P. Hidalgo, C. Maluk, A. Law, and J.L. Torero. (2017) Description of Small and Large-Scale CLT Fire Tests, 12th International Association for Fire Safety Science Symposium, Lund, Sweden. (Accepted for oral presentation)