School of Civil Engineering

Self-Pop-Up Curved-Crease Structures

Curved-crease origami geometries are those folded to produce complex 3D surfaces which impart surface curvature. This striking feature has led to the potential of developing novel and beneficial forms for advanced engineering and architectural applications. Successful applications can be seen in primary research. These include compliant and lamina-emergent mechanisms, self-assembling devices, energy-absorption components, facade and shading components, and deployable and thin-walled structures. However, modelling curved-crease geometries is still challenging. Therefore, applications do not yet exist where accuracy is critical, such as structural components. This PhD confirmation will present the first exact analytical modelling procedures for 3D curved-folded surface, termed ‘elastica curved-crease origami’.

9:00am – 10:00am

Thursday, 27 April 2017


47A-352 (Sir James Foots Building), University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus