School of Civil Engineering

Faris Albermani is an A/Professor in Structural Engineering. He is the author of more than 100 publications in refereed international journals and conferences in structural engineering and biomechanics. He is a member of the editorial boards for two international journals (International Journal of Space Structures (ISSN 0266-3511) and International Journal of Advanced Steel Construction (ISSN 1816-112X)) and several international conferences, a member of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures and the recipient of Munro prize. He has been a consultant on a number of projects in Australia and overseas for example: Upgrading of 400 kV suspension towers, National Grid Company (NGC), UK. Design verification of guyed transmission line, Powerlink, QLD Nonlinear analysis of full-scale tower testing, TENAGA, Malaysia Upgrading of 105m telecommunication tower, Cargill, NZ. He also has an international patent.


  • GCEdu (1995) University of Queensland

  • PhD (1989) University of Queensland

  • MSc (1983) University of Wales (Cardiff, UK)

  • BE (1978) Univeristy of Baghdad (Iraq)


  • Structural engineering;

  • Stability and nonlinear analysis;

  • Biomechanics

Teaching and Learning

  • ENGG1400 Engineering Mechanics

  • CIVL3340 Structural Analysis

  • CIVL4330 Advanced Structural Analysis

  • CIVL4580 Research thesis


  • Deep subsea pipelines

  • Energy dissipation devices


  • Munro Prize (1992) for best paper in Engineering Structures

  • School of Engineering, Teaching Excellence Award, 2006

Key Publications

  • Albermani et al, Propagation buckling in deep subsea pipelines, Engineering Structures, 33(9), 2547-2553, 2011

  • Hellier, Albermani, Flexural and Torsional Rigidity of Colonoscope at room and body temperatures, Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 225 (H4), 389-400, 2011

  • Chan, Albermani, Williams, Evaluation of yielding shear panel device for passive energy dissipation, Constructional Steel Research, 65(2), 260-68, 2009

  • Albermani et al, Failure analysis of transmission towers, Engineering Failure Analysis, 16 (6), 1922-28, 2009 Couper, Albermani, Infant brain subjected to oscillatory loading: material differentiation, properties and interface conditions, Biomechanics and Modelling in Mechanobiology, 7(2), 105-125, 2008

Refereed International Journal Publications

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