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Below you can find available thesis research projects, listed by area and then by supervisor.

Click on the supervisor name to see all of their available projects. If you have any questions relating to the project, contact the supervisor directly.

To request permission to enrol in undergraduate thesis courses (CIVL4580 for semester 1 commencement and CIVL4582 for semester 2 commencement) send your request to  Permission will be granted if you have a cumulative GPA of 4.8 or higher once the results of the current semester have been released.

To request permission to enrol in postgraduate coursework thesis courses, refer to for instructions and application form.



Construction Engineering and Management

Engineering education








Engineers Without Borders Projects

Engineers Without Borders has launched 25 research projects that are available to academics and students from UQ who are looking to conduct a thesis project with a humanitarian angle. Each project tackles an issue that affects a disadvantaged community with project topics ranging from energy provision in refugee camps to materials analysis for prosthetic limbs. These projects are collaborations with EWB's global partners including The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), RainWater Cambodia and Enable Development. Projects are relatively flexible so if you are interested in tackling a small part of one of the projects to suit your area of expertise then that is encouraged. Projects are available to start either in semester 2, 2017 or semester 1, 2018.  

The full project brief list can be found at

Civil engineering undergraduate students must have a UQ academic (co-)supervisor for CIVL4560/80/82. They should therefore meet and discuss the pursuit of an EWB project with a relevant academic prior to committing to a topic.

Industry Projects

Industry partners offer a variety of topics to interested undergraduate students. Industry-linked thesis projects require a primary industry supervisor for the topic of interest and a secondary UQ mentor (any UQ academic) to advise on research methods and assessment items. Please contact the academics below for a list of industry topics. Students are also welcome to propose their own industry partner and topic.